How to find the Right South Florida Music Video Production

Ever since MTV started broadcasting in the summer of 1981, the music video has been a popular and important promotional tool. And it is arguably more important than ever! In the internet era, a video can go viral in a matter of hours and can propel a band or artist from obscurity to instant stardom. Of course, actually making a music video that can create a buzz requires talent, experience, and the right equipment.

South Florida music video production

When we think about the bands and artists that have topped the charts over the past three decades we generally think about images, i.e., their music videos. Nirvana, Madonna, and Michael Jackson all recognized that music videos were a powerful marketing tool and they utilized them to further their careers. In a business sense, what they were actually doing was creating a brand and defining themselves through their music, image, and attitude.

What to look for?

An up-and-coming band or artist must be extremely careful when searching for a South Florida music video production company. First and most importantly, you need a company that will work with you to fulfill your vision, which will help you bring your music to the masses. Of course, money is also an important consideration. Some of the larger South Florida music video production companies will not work with independent artists and bands, since they know they have limited budgets and profit margins will consequently be low. As a result, you may have to seek out a smaller South Florida music video production company that can meet the needs of new artists.

When to start looking?

It is always exciting and even a bit scary when it comes time for a musician to take the next step in his career. Of course, it is impossible to know for sure the best time to make your move. But as a general rule, if you music is receiving regular airplay and you are mailing out press kits in growing numbers and promoting your new single or album through live shows, it may be time to make a professional music video.

It is important to note that most video production companies do not specialize in music video. Most will take on any kind of production job, including corporate videos, weddings, infomercials, and regular commercials. In other words, they do not focus on music videos and may not have the experience to put your music in pictures.

Within the industry, there are also production companies that specialize in certain music genres, such as rock, rap, country music, and pop videos. An experienced South Florida music video producer will never accept an assignment that he believes he is ill-suited for. He will let you know after he listens to you single or album if he thinks he’s the right man for the job.

How much will it cost?

If you are comfortable with a particular producer, you should give him the greenlight to complete at least one treatment, which is the only way he will be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate based on the project requirements. Depending on the genre, subject, and desired image of the artist or band, a single music video can range in price from a couple of thousand to a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

The cost is also obviously affected by the format, i.e., whether you use digital video or film. The highest quality and most memorable videos of the past, such as -Thriller’ by Michael Jackson and -November Rain’ by Guns N’ Roses, were shot on film, either 16mm or 35mm. The format is considered de rigueur if you want to shot a big, bold, epic music video. But if you have a much smaller budget and few cinematic requirements, HD video should suffice.

Bringing your music to the masses requires much more than a great voice and instrumental ability. It requires an experienced South Florida music video production company that can fulfill your vision and promote your band. Love Home Productions employs experienced South Florida music video producers that have worked in a number of popular music genres.

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