Seven Tips For Figuring Out Your Musical Talent

Judging talent can be very subjective; one person?s earache is another person?s beautiful music. Passion and dedication don?t always equate into a marketable talent. If you doubt that, just go to your local pub on open mike night. For as difficult as it may be to accurately judge someone else?s talent, it?s even harder to be objective about your own. While talent is only one aspect of success in the music industry, it?s by far the most important. Here are seven tips for figuring out your musical talent.

Listen to yourself. The best way to critique your singing or playing is to record it then play it back later. Listen to it several times to get used to the sound of your voice or the newness of hearing yourself play. Listen for more than just carrying a tune or hitting the notes. Is there emotion being conveyed? Is it compelling for just okay. A big part of musical talent is conveying emotion.

Work to improve your natural talent. If you want to play a musical instrument but aren?t sure what you want to play, take lessons to see if you enjoy the process of learning how to play or if feels like drudgery. It may take a few tries to find the musical instrument that fits you best ? or perhaps you?ll realize that you don?t have the inherent desire to play an instrument.

Get private training. Talent takes nurturing and practice and a private coach can hone your natural gifts. They can also teach you the craft of singing or playing an instrument, such as proper form and technique.

Audition. Getting feedback from casting agents or bands you try out for can be brutal but you won?t get better without knowing exactly where your talent currently stands. So don?t take criticism as a personal insult; take it as a learning opportunity to hone your craft.

Test yourself. Nothing is more honest than an audience so performing in public is a great way to gauge your musical talent. Look for open mike nights at local clubs or is you are taking lessons, ask your coach about showcases. Getting comfortable performing in public is an important skill to develop for anyone pursuing a career in music.

Compete. Another way to judge your musical talent is to compare it to others who are also just starting out. So sign up for a battle of the bands or for local singing contests ? yes, even karaoke.

Cut a demo. See if your voice or playing ability measures up to the pros by making a demo.

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